A wish for Sendai

Sendai City, severely hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, will hold its annual Tanabata Festival from 6-8 August, 2012.

Last year’s Sendai Tanabata Festival was held to pray for the recovery of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and the whole Tohoku region. Many people sent in their wishes. A year later, the affected areas are still facing many problems, but are moving forwards, one step at a time.

The theme of this year is ‘Wishes, Hopes, Thanks’ to express thanks to all those around the world who gave their generous support and their hopes for recovery and restoration.

Please send your wishes to the ‘Sendai Tanabata Festival Tanzaku Votive Notes.’

Japanese: http://www.tanabata-negaigoto.jp/index.html

English: http://www.tanabata-negaigoto.jp/en/index.html




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