2012 Japan Society Dinner

David Cairns presents Lydia Morey with her Japan Society Award

On Monday 1 October 2012, the Japan Society Annual Dinner was once again held in the magnificent surrounds of the Hotel Russell’s Wharncliffe Suite. Guests congregated beneath the enormous plaster-work ceiling, supported by heroic statues running the length of the room. Old friends and new acquaintances filled the floor and, after a champagne reception, all were seated for the feast.

During the course of dinner sporadic applause erupted from the four corners of the room in the wake of the evening’s entertainer,  Dr Katsu Shinozawa, and his array of magic tricks. Financial lecturer by day and magician by night, Dr Shinozawa conjured tomatoes from thin air and left one and all utterly mystified.

After the main course had been served, chairwoman of the Japan Society Awards Committee, Lady Gomersall, took to the stage to announce this year’s winners. As always many worthy contenders had been recommended for this prestigious prize but none more so than Keisaku ‘Sandy’ Sano and Lydia Morey. Congratulations to them both!

To see a collection of photographs from the night follow this link.







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