Gamba’re! The Japanese Way of the Rugby Fan – Giveaway Competition

Gamba’re! The Japanese Way of the Rugby Fan, written by Angus Turvill and Etsuko Okahisa and illustrated by Harry Venning, is the ultimate guide to Japan and Japanese for rugby supporters. With six months to go until the World Cup, the Japan Society is delighted to be running a competition in which THREE entrants will each win a copy of the book.

Gamba’re! will help you hit the ground running at rugby’s first ever World Cup in Asia.

  • Japanese for the rugby fan – buy a snack, find your seat, forecast the result, comment on play, cheer your team on… even question the judgement of the referee – everything you want to say in the stadium, in Japanese!
  • Food and drink – finding places to eat and drink, illustrated A-Z of Japanese food, essential language for restaurants and bars.
  • Accommodation – what to expect, what to say and how not to miss breakfast.
  • Venues – getting there, hints on local tourism and where to go next, as well as suggestions for omiya’ge (Japanese souvenirs).
  • Transport – the great world of the Japanese train, and the refined arts of getting off a bus and out of a taxi.
  • Etiquette – avoid a diplomatic incident in the street, on the tatami and in the bath.
  • Deciphering Japanese words – let’s face it, it’s good to be able to read at least part of a menu.
  • AND plenty more…

Angus Turvill and Etsuko Okahisa are both highly experienced language teachers and prize-winning translators. They teach translation at Durham University. Harry Venning is an award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and comedy writer.

To enter, simply email your name to, with “Gamba’re!” in the subject line, by midnight 22 April 2019. The winners will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday 23 April 2019. Prizes will be sent by post to winners’ addresses worldwide.

For more information on the book and to buy it visit:

*10% on all book sales goes to leading charities supporting adults and children affected by armed conflict.



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