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Glorious imperfection

6-28 July 2017
Sway Gallery
In the West, when a piece of ceramic gets broken, our inclination is to repair as invisibly as possible. The Japanese feel differently, and approach the task in an almost opposite way.These series of `kintsugi’ drawings is an attempt to create something new from a hybridisation of the two ideas, and to play with common ground between ‘fine’ and ‘applied’ arts.”
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Fukushima Garden 5th anniversary ceremony

20 July 2017
Holland Park
The Fukushima Garden in London was built in July 2012 under a project triggered by the dispatch of “Fukushima reconstruction ambassadors. The garden has become an oasis for Londoners feeling empathy with Fukushima and wishing for its recovery from the twin disaster. In July 2017, a ceremony will be held in the Fukushima Garden to commemorate the fifth anniversary of its opening.
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Soseki Natsume in the UK

25 July 2017
Gustave Tuck LT at UCL
This year is the 150 year anniversary of the birth of Soseki Natsume, one of the most outstanding Japanese novelists of the 20th century.This July, we will run a special lecture “Natsume Soseki versus William Shakespeare: Two Heavyweights of World Literature” by Damian Flanagan, an expert on Soseki.A formal reception will follow the lecture, attended by Iwanami Shoten, Publishing House and the Japanese Embassy.
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UK-Japan Social Entrepreneurship Symposium

28 July 2017
University College London
The aim of the symposium is to discuss the past, present and future of social entrepreneurship, starting with revisiting Godai’s vision, with representatives of academia, local government, business accelerators and actual entrepreneurs.The symposium will start with a keynote lecture by Prof. Nick Tyler (UCL Transport Institute), which will be followed by 7 talks about various aspects of social entrepreneurship.
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Tokonatsu 2017

4-7 August 2017
Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre
The Tokonatsu camping Japanese culture, anime and manga festival is a yearly festival which celebrates everything Japan; including a cosplay masquerade, DDR, traditional gaming, a Japan-themed Matsuri and always popular Otaku Royal. Pitch your tents alongside fellow fans and enjoy the food, events, cosplay and much more!
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Busu & The Damask Drum

11 August 2017
Soho Theatre
An irreverent, subversive and playful take on the traditional Kyogen and Noh plays, presented with a contemporary twist incorporating Japanese Folkloric Music and Dance. Busu & The Damask Drum previews at Quay Arts & Soho Theatre London before it hits Scotland for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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Cotswold Ekiden 5.5km relay race

3 September 2017
This is a brand new running race based on the Japanese-inspired Ekiden; this event will bring together the beauty of the Cotswold countryside, inspiring backdrop of Sudeley castle and the traditions and culture of Japan.
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Anime Architecture: Backgrounds of Japan

26 May – 10 September 2017
House of Illustration
This is the UK’s first ever exhibition of handmade background illustrations for classic sci-fi anime films. It will feature drawings and paintings from some of the most influential productions in the genre’s 1990s heyday, including Production I.G’s phenomenally influential 1995 film Ghost in the Shell.
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Edo Pop in Liverpool

26 May – 24 September 2017
Lady Lever Art Gallery
The exhibition explores the explosive popularity of print works in 18th century Edo (modern Tokyo). These images encompass everything from seductive courtesans and young lovers to celebrities and sumo champions. On display are some 40 prints by leading artists including Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Utagawa Kunisada and Toyohara Kunichika, the latter of whom is considered to be the last great Kabuki theatre artist.
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Japanese Garden Society Conference: Where the Path Leads

23-24 September 2017
The Kaetsu Centre
The transmission of the Japanese Garden beyond Japan from 1868 onwards; the evolution and significance of the Japanese Garden outside Japan and where this may lead in the future.Organised and run by the Japanese Garden Society, this major event features world-class speakers from the UK, USA and Japan, including Kendall Brown and Marc Peter Keane.
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Jill Fanshawe-Kato: Japanese Pottery for Food and Drink

28 October 2017
The Leach Pottery
With a focus on Japanese ceramics for food and drink, this masterclass will trace the origins of this cuisine and the unique ceramics which have developed to serve it. After a Japanese lunch students will make their own original yunomi tea cups using the Leach Pottery’s own clay and slips.
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