Japan Activity Chest

Traditional and modern aspects of Japan are brought to life with this box of over 30 authentic Japanese artefacts. Objects include: yukata (cotton kimono), geta (wooden sandals), plastic sushi, a daruma doll, calligraphy materials, origami paper, maps and posters, traditional toys, books, CD and video. Perhaps most useful of all, the Activity Chests come with full Teachers’ Notes explaining what the objects are.

A number of Japan Activity Chests have been placed at teacher resource centres around the UK. The majority are available on free loan to educational institutions, although it is the responsibility of the borrower to arrange collection and return. Conditions of loan may vary. Please contact us to see the list of holding centres to check whether there is one near you.

Japan Activity Chests may also be borrowed directly from the Japan Society. Loan is free if the Chest is collected and returned by the school, but we also offer a postal loan service. In this case, schools are liable for both outward and return postage costs.

To request an Activity Chest or if you have any questions, please email us or telephone 020 3075 1995.



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