Geography Resource Pack

resgeoThis resources was produced in 1993 and covers themes and topics central to the study of Japan within KS3 & 4 geography. The pack deals with 5 key areas, each divided into self contained topic units:

  • General physical geography: relief and climate.
  • Physical geography: plate tectonics and natural disasters.
  • Human geography: population and transport.
  • Industry Introductory/Primary: history, farming, fishery, forestry.
  • Secondary: heavy industry, iron & steel, shipbuilding, chemical.
  • Secondary: paper, electronics.
  • Secondary: automobile, multinationals.
  • Tertiary: introduction, tourism.
  • Organisation: companies, government policy, international trade.
  • Energy Introduction, fossil fuels, HEP.
  • Nuclear power, alternative energy sources, future.
  • Environment Global issues: introduction, government policy, action.
  • Case Studies: Minamata, Yokkaichi, Jinzu Basin – problems & responses.
  • Regions Introduction: overview of Japan’s regions.
  • Tokyo: growth of a megalopolis, problems & policies.
  • Case studies of Miyagi and Shimane.

The pack comprises four sections, all of which may be photocopied for school use.

  • Teachers notes: Explain the aims of the pack and give suggestions for use in a variety of teaching situations.
  • Basic maps / skills sheets : A series of outline maps and instructions on specific geographical skills eg drawing pie charts.
  • Information sheets: Each topic is dealt with in a four page A4 booklet. In most cases, page 1 is a general introduction to the topic (KS3), with the remaining pages providing information and detailed case studies for KS4 upwards.
  • Task sheets: The tasks are presented separately from the information to allow differentiation according to pupil needs and ability.

The pack is free to schools, though a charge is made for postage and packing. To receive a pack, please send a cheque for £3.00 made payable to The Japan Society, together with your name and address, to:
Japan Society, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP.
If you requre more than one copy, please contact us by email or telephone 020 3075 1995 for postage costs.



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