As Japan has a very health conscious society, several advancements have been made in health and hygene. One of the most notable being the improvement of the toilet. Though there are toilets that are very much like ones that we use in the west, you may come across some with very drastic changes if you were to visit Japan.
These dolls with no limbs are known as Daruma (also sometimes called Dharma). They originate from Zen Buddhishm and are used as luck charms. The doll has white eyes and a wish is made by filling in the right eye with black ink. Once your wish has come true only then does one fill in the left eye. Most Daruma are male, but there are also female Daruma too known as Ehime Daruma (the smaller one pictured on the left). These dolls are seen as a sign of strong will and determination due to its weighted base that keeps it upright even when toppled.
These symbols on this board are known as mon or more commonly referred to as kamon. Each one of these symbols represents a family line or to be more precise a clan emblem. They have been in use for centuries but do not have much modern use. However, traditional craft shops and even certain sushi restaurants still like to use their kamon.


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