Ready Steady NihonGO!

The Japan Society and the Japan Foundation London Language Centre (JFLLC) worked together to produce a unique scheme of work for teaching Japanese at KS2. The scheme comprises 10, 45 minute lessons designed to be delivered by a Japanese native speaker teacher working with the class teacher. Each lesson is clearly structured, with comprehensive teachers’ notes, National Curriculum Links and a set of accompanying Culture Notes.

Ready Steady NihonGO! is available to use online free of charge.

A CD version is also available. The cost, including postage & packing in the UK, is £5.58 (VAT incl). To receive a copy please send a cheque for this amount, made payable to Japan Society, together with your name and address, to:
The Japan Society, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP.

The course has been designed:

  • To link Japan and the Japanese language to the National Curriulum to form a complete and substantial unit of work, which will complement and enrich other subjects studied within the classroom
  • To create a model for primary Japanese which can easily be replicated in schools across the UK using locally available expertise
  • To provide children with a valuable cultural insight into Japan which will allow them to develop a sensitivity towards a less familiar culture, while encouraging them to stand back and view their own way of life from a slightly different perspective
  • To introduce children to the Japanese language through a series of well-structured lessons comprising a range of activities which will form a sound basis for any future study of the language

Ready Steady NihonGO! was piloted by eleven schools in two phases over the autumn term 2004 and spring term 2005; both teachers and pupils enjoyed the experience of working with an unusual language. Based on lesson observations and feedback from schools and teachers, the contents and support materials were thoroughly reviewed and revised.



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