Soroban: The Japanese Abacus

The resources on this page have been designed for teachers to use in their schools and may be used freely in that context only. They may not be reproduced or distributed further without permission.

Many of these activities can be completed on paper. However, The Japan Society can loan both teaching and pupil soroban to schools.

soroban based activities
download all soroban based activities in a single file
or select individual files below
download 748kb pdf file
introduction to soroban
how to show numbers on the soroban
simple calculations
calculating change on the soroban
download 120kb pdf file
how to calculate on the soroban frame
examples and graded practise exercises
download 40kb pdf file
colour the number in soroban beads
two templates to practise soroban activities on paper
download 72kb pdf file
complementary numbers
use a soroban to find out how much more you need to add to make 100
download 52kb pdf file
image creation using an OHP
introducing mental calculation based on soroban principles
download 80kb pdf file
let’s read the soroban
read off and draw significant numbers on a paper soroban frame
download 64kb pdf file
counting from ten to twenty on the soroban download 364kb pdf file
supplementary activities using Japanese numbers
download all supplementary activities in a single file
or select individual files below
download 744kb pdf file
the Japanese number grid
practise writing numbers up to 99
download 376kb pdf file
numbers in kanji
a shorter form of the Japanese number grid
download 52kb pdf file
numbers written in Japanese
practise reading and writing numbers and dates in Japanese
download 52kb pdf file
some facts about Japan
use knowledge of Japanese numbers to find out about Japan
download 40kb pdf file
counting with your fingers Japanese style
you can go from 1 – 100!
download 264kb pdf file

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