Taiko Drumming

The resources on this page have been designed for teachers to use in their schools and may be used freely in that context only. They may not be reproduced or distributed further without permission.

They have been written and provided by Jake Perry, a music teacher at Beeslack Community High School, Penicuik. His first hands-on experience with taiko was at a teachers’ workshop organised by The Japan Society (then Japan 21/JFET) in Edinburgh. Since then he has attended workshops given by Mugenkyo and further developed his interest in taiko.

Taiko now forms a successful and highly popular part of the school’s curricular and extra-curricular programme. It is taught as part of S1/S2 classroom work and Jake also rehearses three after-school taiko groups. The senior group, TaikoTherapy, performed at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh in 2003. The school has now funded a set of okedo-style drums.

The biggest obstacle he encountered when first starting out on taiko was the lack of material written from a classroom perspective. It is with this in mind and in order to help others starting out now, that Jake has written this article.

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