The Japan Society

Sixth Form Japan Experience

The Japan Society's annual Sixth Form Japan Day invites sixth formers to attend a FREE one-day course about Japan, its culture and its role in the global community. The day is designed to give an insight into Japan, traditional and modern, through lectures and practical workshops.

The 2020 event was held online for the first time due to Covid-19 and this year's event has been postponed with the hope of hosting an in-person event in the spring of next year. In the meantime, we are providing new and archived online content (available until end of year) to both sixth formers and their teachers as a taster to our Sixth Form Japan Day event.

The content is suitable to all students, especially sixth formers, with an interest in Japan, however, those who are considering Japanese Studies at university and/or studying in Japan will find it particularly beneficial.

Click here to see information and a short video from the Sixth Form Japan Day 2019.

Cultural Content

Japanese Greeting Cards

In this video with Aya Burbanks, you will learn how to make your own seasonal greeting card using calligraphy and sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) techniques. Watch or follow along to make your own unique card! Additional resources are provided for teachers who want to adapt the content into a classroom lesson.

Osechi & Japanese New Year Food

In addition to the main meal of osechi, soba and mochi are foods associated with the new year. In these two short talks, Tomomi Shimizu explains the different foods eaten during the new year's celebrations and the meanings behind them. Take the quiz afterwards to test your knwoledge!

Traditional Japanese Music

Hibiki and Akari, London based professional Tsugaru Shamisen player and enka and min’yo singer teach us all about the Tsugaru Shamisen and Japanese folk music. Get ready to be taken on a traditional music tour of Japan!

History of Anime Music & Anisongs Playlist

In this talk, Laurence Green will be sharing with us what he thinks are the most important tracks from each of the past six decades. Take a listen and see if you agree! He also put together a playlist of his favourite anime hits, catering to both anime newcomers and die-hard fans! 

Interviews and Student Panel (archived videos from 2020)

Mini Interview Series 

Want to hear stories from professional and students about their experience with Japan studies or living and working in Japan? Check out this series if you are interested in finding out how people with different backgrounds and levels of Japanese found ways to connect with Japan. 

Student Panel Discussion

Do you want to study Japanese at university or wondering what it might be like? Watch our student panel to hear 3 student panellists from Leeds, Sheffield and Cardiff University in discussion with Warren Stanislaus, PhD canidadate at Oxford University, discussing their university experience.


University Information

Podcast & University Course Information

Are you considering studying Japanese or Japanese studies at university, or not sure yet? Considering all the options and researching the best course for you can be hard work, so we put this information together to help make the job easier!