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Japan Literatures of Remembering. A Panel Discussion on Fiction, Poetry and Anime


Online Beginners’ Shibori (Stitch and bind) Workshop


Online Talk - Katagami Stencils: Historical Influence and Contemporary Practice

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Tanabata Festival (July)

Tanabata Festival (July)


The Atomic Bombings of Japan: External Resource List

The Atomic Bombings of Japan: External Resource List


Undokai - Japanese Sports Day

Undokai - Japanese Sports Day

Radio Taiso ラジオ体操 Video

Radio Taiso ラジオ体操 is an exercise routine that has been practised for nearly 100 years in Japan. Old and young, physically fit and those with mobility issues can all experience the benefits of Radio Taiso. Watch our new video in YouTube and stay strong and well!

Radio Taiso

Tanabata Wishes

The Tanabata Festival brings a splash of colour to public spaces across Japan as beautiful decorations called tanzaku go up on display. We have created a tanzaku gallery to display our tanabata wishes this year and would love to see your wishes too.


The Japan Society Review

The Japan Society Review is published on a bimonthly basis, both online and printed.

Since the starting of the publication in 2006, each issue covers a selection of Japan-related books and films, as well as theatre and stage productions, tv series and exhibitions.

Its purpose is to inform, entertain and encourage readers to explore the works for themselves.

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