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Haiku Corner 2021

haiku corner

In Japanese poetry, kigo (季語) is the word or phrase used to indicate the season and it is often included in haiku to locate the poem in a particular time of the year.

In these uncertain times of lockdown and pandemic, we want to open our website to members and friends to embrace the creative power of haiku and express the feelings and experiences we all are living in this peculiar "season".

Our hope is to create an ongoing piece of collaborative poetry that brings together the UK and Japan and will serve as a documenting account of our community experiences.

Visit our Haiku Corner 2020 page to read poems from last year→

How to Contribute

  • We invite poets, writers and people of any age and expertise to send us their haiku by email, tag us or use the hashtag #JShaikucorner on social media. The weekly deadline is on Fridays at 12:00 noon (BST).
Write your haiku and the hashtag #JShaikucorner:
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  • Every Monday we will select one haiku among those received the previous week and post it as the haiku of the week on this page and on our social media with the name or alias of the author.

  • Haiku sent must be original and belong to their authors as copyright holders. The Japan Society will not accept any responsibility for the content published. By sending their haiku, authors agree to its publication in our website and social media.

  • The Japan Society will not use any haiku published or received for commercial purposes and will follow the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions regarding the use of data and the website content.

Haiku of the Week


Week 24 (14 - 18 June 2021)

soroban class
the calculated clicks
of grandpa's fingers

John Hawkhead

Week 23 (7 - 11 June 2021)

still water dusk
the rivers dregs
at the sluice gate

Robert Kingston

Week 22 (31 May - 4 June 2021)

Collecting treasures
Child opens palm to flower
Small and shining there

Clair Ballantyne


Week 21 (24 - 28 May 2021)

golden girls
watching tv beside me
aunty and mum 

Germina Melius


Week 20 (17 - 21 May 2021)


Walls torn down by hand 
haunted by an ancient curse
left to beast and vine

Milky white, 
white as a morning's snow, 
The Milky way.

Jerry Cripps
Arjumand Rasiwala

Week 19 (10 - 14 May 2021)

I know no sea shore
Just the ebb and flow of breath
Lying here together.


Week 18 (3 - 7 May 2021)

Earth song...
through the oak wood
a line of salt

Robert Kingston

Week 17 (26 - 30 April 2021)

prints both paw and foot
meander on the shoreline
tickled by the tide

Claire Thom

Week 16 (19 - 23 April 2021)

countryside road
from hedge to hedge

Robert Kingston

Week 15 (12 - 16 April 2021)

tea ceremony
our hands across the table
their minor tremors

John Hawkhead

Week 14 (5 - 9 April 2021)

Camellias bloom,
Ever-fleeting happiness:
A portent of gloom.

Helen Wonnacott

Week 13 (29 March - 2 April 2021)

lying together
after the spring thunderstorm
blossom and hailstones

John Hawkhead

Week 12 (22 - 26 March 2021)

my mother's clothes
dangling monkeys

Germina Melius

Week 11 (15 - 19 March 2021)

a week spent...
watching the orchid

Robert Kingston

Week 10 (8 - 12 March 2021)


Wind blows softly
Scattering sweet smells
A mask flies

there in the sky
the morning moon ~
it forgot to sleep.

Mac Phaedrus
Bina Sarkar Ellias


Week 9 (1 - 5 March 2021)

leaky tree umbrellas
raindrops line up all waiting
to drip down my neck

Michael Galley

Week 8 (22 - 26 February 2021)

Rain spatters on petals,
Tap tap tap,
I hear Spring.

Tina Johnson

Week 7 (15 - 19 February 2021)

Moonlit forest still
To the fox sitting ready,
Guarding the unseen

Adam Hurst

Week 6 (8 - 12 February 2021)

A sea of pure snow
lays petrified on the ground
My feet a small boat


Week 4 (25 - 29 January 2021)

 river eddying
under ancient stone built bridge
flooding thought away

Sue Henderson

Week 3 (18 - 22 January 2021)

Flowering orchid.
Each perfect bud revealing
Unexpected gifts.

Thomas Connolley

Week 1 (4 - 8 January 2021)

winter wanderings
trampling through white chilling snow
everlasting hope

Aurora B. Blue

How to Haiku: Beyond 5 7 5

Find more about how to write a haiku in our video with haiku poet Paul Conneally who introduces the key elements of haiku, illuminating some of the common pitfalls and misunderstandings of what haiku is about. Watch this short 6 minute piece to stimulate ideas, and see what benefits haiku can have for you and your loved ones.

More Selected Haiku 2021

Week 24

Summer hangover
questioning the night before
wine stain or lipstick?

Jerry Cripps

This darkly charmed life
Butterfly propelled through air,
deflecting the light.

Clair Ballantyne

poppies in abundance 
both sides of the barrier

Robert Kingston

warm night
a cat and the moon
on the rooftop

Zoran Doderovic



Week 23

Aerial wizard
Joiner of the hemispheres
Hark! The guillemot

Stephen Gomersall

Red and gold blossoms, 
sweet scented essence, 
aromatic dreams.

Arjumand Rasiwala

wardrobe resident
at home among my sweaters
nibbling at the seams

Claire Thom

Week 22

The waterless land,
the rainfed sky,
showers upon the parched earth.

Arjumand Rasiwala

Lone magpie in view
settle anxious mind with a breath
now calm I see two


dribbles of water
splashing through mineral clouds
now a full ocean

Aurora B. Blue

playful sun whittles
shadows, shapes, skins, shaves and melts
last of winter frosts

Esme Alice Blue

spray-speckled light of
breeze-whipped reflections mirror
our watery flight

Martha Iris Blue


Week 21

A spectrum of light in the sky,
Multi coloured circular arcs,
The magical rainbow.

Arjumand Rasiwala

A freshly squeezed day
Verdant leaf granting promise
Sky whispering hope

Clair Ballantyne

in between wisteria
the anxious girl practises
positive affirmations

asa hanada

Week 19

flaunting a new suit
the firefly departs alone
wings left in a purse

Gemina Melius

Droplets of water,
sunbathing on the surface of the sea,
waiting to be tossed over.

Arjumand Rasiwala

spilt beer...
a wasp finds
a new play mate

Robert Kingston

Week 18

pick up a smooth shell
tide creeps up and soaks my shoes
sea caught me stealing

Claire Thom

Sparkling dewdrops,  
glistening on freshly cut blades of grass, 
gleaming away to glory

Arjumand Rasiwala

In the Zen garden
A calm depiction of nature
Changing in the wind

Alexandre Noel

Week 17

Mysterious skies,
Many storeys high,
A celestial, mystical eagle

Arjumand Rasiwala

over the steel yard
drifting forsythia

Robert Kingston

seaweed on the shore
off cuts from tailor's table
purple heather tweed

Claire Thom

The joy of spring,
Golden daffodils fluttering and dancing,
Till sundown.

Arjumand Rasiwala

Swooping bat rides dusk
sweet scent of bubbling rapid
Time has no place here

Jerry Cripps


Week 16

park celebrities
swan with cygnets
nestling on bulrushes

Annie Bachini

Turning my cup twice
Gazing at the bamboo grove
One moment in time

Hugh Purser

Goldcrests search through
The green cloaks of spruce branches.
Tiny, cold, hungry.

Thomas Connolley

careful surgery
for cracked bottoms and cut lips
leaving golden scars

Claire Thom

excited volcano
painting homes in ashes
lava melting portraits

Germina Melius

 vague portraits
memories a volcano took
shards of dust

Germina Melius

A burgundy bloom
Shyly, from the barren tree
Mystery revealed

Erin Niimi Longhurst

As the days lengthen
Warm rays chase away the cold
Bringing hope to all

Gemma Bartram


Week 15

A cluster of clouds floating
Against slanting rays of the setting sun
Night seen soon approaching.

Arjumand Rasiwala

The dark sky fills
The void embellished by light
Fireworks erupt

Alexandre Noel

 blue iris
almost a century
churning the earth

Robert Kingston

Slowly opening
faintly colours show through buds
petals drop slowly.

Aurora B. E. Blue

Deep-spring breath taking
feathery flights of finches
yellow sunset-birds

Martha Blue

 wading washing birds
water deepening at waists
blue tits flick liquid

Esme Blue 

the past reoccurs
modern age is slow revenge
feeding off old dreams

Jules K Blue

Too late to change
Light effects our direction
Nature surprises

Michael Cripps

panoramic place
cherry trees proudly blooming
small spring birds blossom

Germina Melius

Week 14

A strong wind blows
two seed pods fall from the tree
- land on concrete

Marc Brimble

Slim nimble limbs sprint
behind kitchen bin to flee
terrible squashing

Claire Thom

 walking through
the old cemetery
weatherworn angels

Annie Bachini

There goes the sun
dragging the moon

Germina Melius

stars squinting
blinded by
the blooming moon

Germina Melius

 daisy wheels...
children make racers
with split leaves

Robert Kingston 

Week 13

cherry blossom dusk
under her black skirt
hints of petticoat

John Hawkhead

 typhoon warning
the old man climbs a ladder
gathering blossom

John Hawkhead

 in the lorry’s wake
tracing shadows

Robert Kingston

Fluttering sparrows
like memories fleeting
of lockdowns gone by


A calm spirit sees
Beauty in every imperfection
Veined marks in the wood

Alexandre Noel


Week 12

Eminent village.
Chancel, holloway, osiers.
Could one but arrive.


 On the snowed roof
white pigeons sheltered in the sun's rays
snuggling up in the cold wind


beneath the blue lamp
I choose to dream
of summer

Robert Kingston

All this week
Slipped a long year
Sun rises tho’

Dr C Loughlan

running away
with my shadow
and the wind

Germina Melius

Weary sun
To the moon

Germina Melius

Week 11

Candy Floss Blossom
tickles regal wings under
a bright azure sky

Claire Thom

 Flowers Have Short lives
A Mountain Of Memories
And Love For The Passed

Mike Cripps

From arms of the sky
outcast in the sea
Star fish loves water

Germina Melius

The haiku travels
nature follows like a ghost
Basho smiles like the sun

Germina Melius

Oceans arms dreadful one
hearts in the soul of water
death is counting bones

Germina Melius

after a drink the fall
mind on gloomy clouds
The moon looks sunny

Germina Melius

Week 10

this world stuns the ears
but hearing your breathing brings
unheard melodies


 Birds chirping above,
rhythms in flowing blue water
sunlight through the trees.

Rico Singh Dhami

cold winter pavements
draw close the curtains and settle
deeper in our nests

M Galley

Ascending skylark
paints the clear morning with song.
No cloud can touch you.

Thomas Connolley

 flying in the air
of timelessness
a calligraphy of birds.

Bina Sarkar Ellias

a concert of clouds
the music of monsoon rain
hear the thunderclap!

Bina Sarkar Ellias

Week 9

Flowers their beauty
Hypnotising bees’ dull eyes.
Mellowness is good

Germina Melius

 Watching a rooster
grey finch in a tall mango tree
neither will be caught

Germina Melius

Bedfordshire county
mourns to sound of propeller.
one hundred bells toll

Sue Henderson

With blossom fragrant
Spring besieges my senses
I am Spring’s captive.

Robert Stuhldreer

 white sky caresses
thought too deep for its graces
your name parts my lips


He won’t leave us now
 Unseasonal weather here
 Need sunglasses

Mike Cripps

Week 8

Tiny flurries swept
wave-like winds; falling, settling
icy cloud envelops home

John Cook

 A cold winter's breeze
the summer of your love weaves
the warmest red shawl.

Paridhi Singh

Fallen blossom,
Drifting in the rain, our
Confetti, our pain.

Nicolas Maclean

Pollarded willows-
Starkly cut branches waiting
for spring's renewal.

Thomas Connolley

 Forest’s broken heart
vacancy to painful air
memory of fire

Germina Melius

Mind beneath the dust
wind blows the old grey relics
natural helper

Germina Melius

old friend returning
meadow hums its song again
touched by fleeting sun

Joseph Snowden

Beauty like the moon
It travels with you always,
dazzling and tempting

Nona-Michael Ankhesenamun Jackson

Baked crisps on plate as I watch
the cool fresh white snow
turn into a white carpet.

Nona-Michael Ankhesenamun Jackson


On the bridge’s slope
Atmosphere becomes colder
The sound of the wind

James Elliot




Week 7

A relationship
Twenty ten five four two one
Six factors were born

Germina Melius

 An old furrowed face
Searches for the green soul of youth
Speechless mirror looks

Germina Melius

Where does my love hide?
Broken hearts will never tell
Love the silent fool

Germina Melius 

Donkey’s rebuttal
the rider appalled at it
Load lingers on ground

Germina Melius

 wind whips your hair as
winter’s waves grow ever great
until it dies down

Esme Alice Blue

uncharted mindscape
in seasonal camouflage
shows its isobars

Jules K. Blue

cluttered crows explode
winter’s silhouette recedes
Earth’s backbone stretches

Martha Iris Blue 

springtime overspills
daffodils on windowsills
warms away old chills

Aurora Beatrice Blue

lighter nights turn to
budding plants and springing bulbs
planet spins again 

Rachel Blue

Week 6

Ballet of soft snow
Dancing to their unique tune
Overwhelming calm

Emily Moore

Low morning sunlight
casts shifting shadows of trees.
Memories of summer.

Thomas Connolley


Week 3

fizz of light drizzle
bringing late peace and people
to old city streets

Jules Blue

haloed blossoming
electrified brilliance
sleeping egg awaits

Jules Blue

 crisp clear frosty morn,
heavens sky open. and waits
for our family gift.

Sue Henderson

deep anxious falling
softest touch muffles all sounds
keeping us quiet

Aurora B. E. Blue

now-feathered whiteness
fairy footprints lead us from
nowhere to nowhere.

Esme Alice Blue

nharp call, dawn’s warning,
winter’s shadow lags earth’s back-bone;
ink-winged-crow, soars.

Martha Iris Blue

Week 1

fireworks, new
diaries, calendars
new hope, begun.

Anne Silva

new plans spring to mind
as New Year casts horizons
without prejudice

Jules Blue

 nature sleeps alone
waiting patiently until
deep winter has gone

Jules Blue

each fresh turn of year
fingers distance as fading
memories linger

Jules Blue

brain flickers, flows, springs
arm writes autumn’s pen, drips ink
page carves mind to world

Martha Iris Blue

a cold world beyond
winter is apple without
blossom, incomplete

Martha Iris Blue

Carpet-soft blackbird
Round ice-bright eyes looks sideways
Always friendliness

Esme Alice Blue

a still mackerel sky
where soft breeze flows aloft
the land still sleeping

Sue Henderson



We would like to thank you to all participants for sharing their poems with us. Visit our Haiku Corner 2020 page to read poems from last year.

Please keep sending your haiku each week so that we can all get together and strengthen the ties of our community through haiku.