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Haiku Corner 2021

haiku corner

In Japanese poetry, kigo (季語) is the word or phrase used to indicate the season and it is often included in haiku to locate the poem in a particular time of the year.

In these uncertain times of lockdown and pandemic, we want to open our website to members and friends to embrace the creative power of haiku and express the feelings and experiences we all are living in this peculiar "season".

Our hope is to create an ongoing piece of collaborative poetry that brings together the UK and Japan and will serve as a documenting account of our community experiences.

Visit our Haiku Corner 2020 page to read poems from last year

How to Contribute

  • We invite poets, writers and people of any age and expertise to send us their haiku by email, tag us or use the hashtag #JShaikucorner on social media. The weekly deadline is on Fridays at 12:00 noon (BST).
Write your haiku and the hashtag #JShaikucorner:
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  • Every Monday we will select one haiku among those received the previous week and post it as the haiku of the week on this page and on our social media with the name or alias of the author.

  • Haiku sent must be original and belong to their authors as copyright holders. The Japan Society will not accept any responsibility for the content published. By sending their haiku, authors agree to its publication in our website and social media.

  • The Japan Society will not use any haiku published or received for commercial purposes and will follow the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions regarding the use of data and the website content.

Haiku of the Week

Week 1 (4 - 8 January 2021)

winter wanderings
trampling through white chilling snow
everlasting hope


Aurora B. Blue

How to Haiku: Beyond 5 7 5

Find more about how to write a haiku in our video with haiku poet Paul Conneally who introduces the key elements of haiku, illuminating some of the common pitfalls and misunderstandings of what haiku is about. Watch this short 6 minute piece to stimulate ideas, and see what benefits haiku can have for you and your loved ones.

More Selected Haiku 2021


Week 1

fireworks, new
diaries, calendars
new hope, begun.

Anne Silva

new plans spring to mind
as New Year casts horizons
without prejudice

Jules Blue

 nature sleeps alone
waiting patiently until
deep winter has gone

Jules Blue

each fresh turn of year
fingers distance as fading
memories linger

Jules Blue

brain flickers, flows, springs
arm writes autumn’s pen, drips ink
page carves mind to world

Martha Iris Blue

a cold world beyond
winter is apple without
blossom, incomplete

Martha Iris Blue

Carpet-soft blackbird
Round ice-bright eyes looks sideways
Always friendliness

Esme Alice Blue

a still mackerel sky
where soft breeze flows aloft
the land still sleeping

Sue Henderson



We would like to thank you to all participants for sharing their poems with us. Visit our Haiku Corner 2020 page to read poems from last year.

Please keep sending your haiku each week so that we can all get together and strengthen the ties of our community through haiku.