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The Japan Society has long engaged in the publication of books which further the UK-Japan relationship and the understanding of Japan in the UK. These have included works produced or commissioned by the Society, as well as those which have been initiated by others and published under The Japan Society imprint.

My Japan, My Britain

In 2013 we marked the 400th anniversary of Anglo-Japanese relations with the Japan400 project. One of the ways in which we celebrated this many-sided and dynamic relationship was with My Japan, My Britain – a collection of first-hand accounts celebrating the mutual interest, respect and admiration that the British and Japanese continue to share. We asked people who, in one way or another, have one foot in Japan and one foot in Britain to tell us about what first attracted them to the other culture, and what it means to them today. These are stories of inspiration, humour, creativity, and of challenges overcome.

My Japan, My Britain (2013)

Japan in Focus

Japan in Focus is no longer in publication. However, past issues are available to download below.

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