The Japan Society
About Who We Are

Individual Donors

The Japan Society is most grateful to the following individuals for their support of its activities in 2021. Without their generous commitment to our work, we would be unable to continue.

Principal Benefactors (£1,000 and above)

Martin and Noriko Barrow
Bill Emmott
Midoriko Nakajima and Martin L O’Neill

 Benefactor (£500 and above)

Sir Peter Job

Principal Donors (£250 and above)

Michael Faber
James Noble
Yoshio Noguchi
Heidi Potter
David Powers
Adrian Thorpe

Donors (£100 and above)

Mark Allsup
Clive Bradley
Stephen Codrington
Joe Earle
Robin Fox
Lydia Gomersall
Keiko Itoh
Kathleen Kimura
Alan Leigh Sheldrake
David Mytton
Stephen O'Neill
Pernille Rudlin
M.R. Smith
Yuko Takano
Mark Tate