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The Japan Society Webinar Series

Since April 2020, we have begun a series of webinars exploring different aspects of the pandemic, as well as social, political and economic news, business issues and Anglo-Japanese relations. During each webinar our chairman Bill Emmott is joined in the conversation by diplomats, policy makers, economic experts, and journalists who share their insights from different places around the world. Webinars also allow attendees to put their questions to the panellists.

The activities of The Japan Society are made possible thanks to the support of its members. Webinars are free of charge and open to all. We realise that this is a difficult time for many people. However, if you are planning to attend and do not have a membership subscription as an individual or through your employer, please consider making a donation. You can find details of membership and how to join The Japan Society community here.

Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars 2024

Japan Macro Salon with Jesper and Bill - with Yoko Iwama

15 April 2024 - More information

In Space We Are All Equal: In Conversation with Naoko Yamazaki

5 February 2024 - More information

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Japan Macro Salon with Jesper and Bill - with Keiko Iizuka

16 January 2024 - More information - Watch the video

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