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05/03/2021ONLINE EVENT: Tutored Sake tasting (5 March)


We are delighted to be partnering with The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association on two special tutored tastings. This is an ideal opportunity for all members who would like to know a bit more about sake production, different styles of sake, and how to enjoy it on different occasions, especially at home.

08/03/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Territory of Light by Yuko Tsushima


Territory of Light is the story of a young woman, recently separated from her husband and living alone in Tokyo with her two-year-old daughter.

31/03/2021ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking Clubオンライン版 バイリンガル・パブリックスピーキングクラブ


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.


12/04/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Aosawa Murders by Riku Onda


The Aosawa Murders begins in the 1960s in a town on the coast of the Sea of Japan, when 17 people die of cyanide poisoning at a party given by the owners of a prominent clinic.

10/05/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams by Lady Sarashina


As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams is a unique autobiography written by an anonymous writer known only as Lady Sarashina, born in AD 1008.

14/06/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn


Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn is a collection of 28 stories inspired by Japanese folk tales. The stories span a wide range of genres, from fantastical ghost stories to love stories with a twist.

12/07/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Where the Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda


Witty, inventive, and profound, Where the Wild Ladies Are is a contemporary feminist retelling of traditional ghost stories by one of Japan’s most exciting writers.

09/08/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee


Published in 2017, Pachinko, the second novel by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee, is an epic historical novel following a Korean family who eventually immigrates to Japan.

13/09/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: A Man by Keiichiro Hirano


Keiichiro Hirano’s A Man has all the trappings of a gripping detective story: a bereaved wife, a dead man whose name belongs to someone else, mysterious coded letters, a lawyer intent on uncovering the truth.

11/10/2021ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Essays in Idleness and Hojoki by Kenko and Chomei


Written by Buddhist monks from medieval Japan, these two works on life's fleeting pleasures each show a different world-view.