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18/10/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE LECTURE - 70 years in Japan’s Postwar History: Individual Memories, Collective Experiences


Often explored from a socio-political, economic perspective, postwar history in Japan is also made up of the personal experiences of individuals who have lived through those historical events. This lecture will discuss the last 70 years in Japan from the point of view of a person who has witnessed first-hand the historical developments of the country.

14/10/2020ARCHIVED Japan’s Far More Female Future, with Kathy Matsui and Bill Emmott


Following on from the discussion of gender equality in our July webinar, we are delighted to welcome Kathy Matsui, whose influential reports on ‘womenomics’ have shaped much Japanese government policy in recent years. Coinciding with the publication of the English language edition of his latest book, Japan’s Far More Female Future we have persuaded Bill Emmott to join Kathy in a two-hander discussion on these important issues.

12/10/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata


With the ethereal tone and aesthetic styling characteristic of Kawabata’s prose, The Old Capital tells the story of Chieko, the adopted daughter of a Kyoto kimono designer, Takichiro, and his wife, Shige.

12/10/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT: From Japan with Love – Virtual Tour at Sotheby’s London


The Japan Society is delighted to invite members and friends to an online private tour of the exhibition and concurrent online auction, From Japan with Love, in Sotheby’s first-ever auction dedicated to prints, multiples and photographs by Japanese contemporary artists, which celebrates and explores their global influence.

10/10/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE TALK - Zaido: Documenting a 1,300 year old ceremony


In this special talk, photographer Yukari Chikura will share behind the scenes insights into the stories captured in her photographs which were taken during a restorative pilgrimage to document the 1,300-year-old ceremony, known locally as Zaido.

08/10/2020ARCHIVED Developing Professional Women’s Football in Japan & the UK with Kikko Okajima Murray & Kelly Simmons


In this webinar, Japan Society board member Yuuichiro Nakajima is joined by two pioneers of women’s football, Kikko Okajima Murray and Kelly Simmons, to discuss the professionalization of the game, the impacts of the pandemic and the role of football as a force for social change.

07/10/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: When a Woman Ascends the Stairs directed by Mikio Naruse


For our first Film Club of the autumn we will return to the classical Japanese cinema to discuss When a Woman Ascends the Stairs directed by Mikio Naruse in 1960. A film which offers a subtle, devastating study of the life of a woman in postwar Japan played by film star Hideko Takamine.

03/10/2020ARCHIVED Online Katazome (Stencil Dyeing) Workshop


In this workshop, participants will make a katazome-printed silk square suitable for a head or neck scarf. The workshop is suitable for any level of design or textile printing experience.

30/09/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking ClubARCHIVED オンライン版 バイリンガル・パブリックスピーキングクラブ


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.


29/09/2020ARCHIVED Reporting the World in Japan and the UK, with Aiko Doden and John Simpson


In this webinar, we are delighted to welcome NHK’s Aiko Doden and John Simpson of the BBC, who join Japan Society Chairman, Bill Emmott, to discuss how our countries’ media’s approaches to foreign news and foreign correspondents is evolving.