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01/07/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: After Life directed by Hirokazu Koreeda


Do you love Japanese cinema? Do you miss Japan and want to see it at least on screen? Join us for the Japan Society Film Club. For this session, we invite you to watch in advance 'After Life' (Hirokazu Koreeda,1998) and then join us to chat online about the film and Japan in an informal atmosphere.

25/06/2020ARCHIVED Japan, UK and the US: Our Relationship with our Closest Allies with Kim Darroch and Kenichiro Sasae


We are delighted to welcome Kim Darroch and Kenichiro Sasae, two noted diplomats who were recent contemporaries serving as Ambassadors in Washington DC, to join Japan Society Chairman, Bill Emmott in conversation about the United States.

24/06/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking Club


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.

23/06/2020ARCHIVED Online Hitomezashi Sashiko (one stitch) Workshop


In this online workshop, led by Rob Jones, participants will be introduced to a variety of Sashiko patterns, and will focus on Hitomezashi Sashiko (one-stitch sashiko) where the pattern emerges from the alignment of single stitches made on a grid.

19/06/2020ARCHIVED The Future of Travel and Tourism in a Post COVID-19 World


As lockdown gradually eases around the world, join Japan Society Chairman, Bill Emmott, to discuss the future of international travel with David Atkinson, Timothy Jenkins and Martin Barrow.

11/06/2020ARCHIVED International Financial Centres: the Future for London & Tokyo


In this webinar, we will look to the futures of our two national and financial capitals, London and Tokyo, with Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman Z/Yen, and Hiroshi Nakaso, Chairman FinCity Tokyo, joining Japan Society chairman, Bill Emmott, in conversation.

08/06/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: A Cat, a Man, and Two Women by Junichiro Tanizaki


Shinako has been ousted from her marriage by her husband Shozo and his younger lover Fukuko. She’s lost everything: her home, status, and respectability. Yet the only thing she longs for is Lily, their cat.

04/06/2020ARCHIVED The Energy Outlook in the Post-Pandemic World with Jun Arima and Nick Butler


The oil price has collapsed thanks to the pandemic’s impact on demand for energy. Developing-country oil producers face severe financial problems. What is the longer term perspective for energy producers and consumers?

03/06/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Good Morning directed by Yasujiro Ozu


Do you love Japanese cinema? Do you miss Japan and want to see it at least on screen? Join us for the new Japan Society Film Club where we will chat online about films and Japan in an informal atmosphere.

28/05/2020ARCHIVED The Pandemic and the Changing World of Work with Lynda Gratton


As the UK enters the third month of lock-down for many, Japan Society chairman, Bill Emmott, will be joined by Professor Lynda Gratton to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the workplace.