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10/12/2020ARCHIVED ‘A Dinner with a Twist’ - Japan Society’s First Virtual Annual Dinner


In a change to our planned celebrations for the Annual Dinner and Christmas party, two of the most important events in our calendar, the Japan Society team has been working hard to put together our first virtual celebration.

10/12/2020ARCHIVED The Future for Higher Education in Japan and the UK with David Richardson and Yuko Takahashi


Japan Society chairman Bill Emmott’s guests to discuss the role of universities and their strategies to meet future challenges are Professor David Richardson, vice chancellor of the University of East Anglia, and Professor Yuko Takahashi, president of Tsuda University.

08/12/2020ARCHIVED The Japan-UK Free Trade Agreement -what does it mean? with Hiroshi Matsuura and Minako Morita-Jaeger


The UK’s first post-Brexit trade deal with a major economy is the Japan-UK Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement on which an agreement in principle was reached in September, and is expected to take effect from 1 January 2021. To discuss what the deal will mean in practice, we are joined by two experts: Hiroshi Matsuura, the Chief Negotiator for Japan, and Minako Morita-Jaeger, international trade policy consultant and fellow of the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex.

02/12/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Tokyo Godfathers directed by Kon Satoshi


For our last Film Club of 2020 we want to finish with an unusual and cheerful Christmas tale, the anime film Tokyo Godfathers directed by Kon Satoshi in 2003.

01/12/2020ARCHIVED Sixth Form Japan Week 2020


This year our annual Sixth Form Japan event goes online, offering a mix of live sessions and specially created "on-demand" content over four days.

26/11/2020ARCHIVED Business, Japan, and the World in Pink: a conversation with Lionel Barber


For our next webinar, Japan Society chairman Bill Emmott will be joined by Lionel Barber, former editor of the Financial Times, to take stock of 2020, reflect on changes in the media world and explore one of the latest and most prominent UK-Japan business combinations.

25/11/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking ClubARCHIVED オンライン版 バイリンガル・パブリックスピーキングクラブ


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.


14/11/2020ARCHIVED ‘Singleness of Purpose’: Sir Harry Parkes, British Minister to Japan, Korea and China, 1865-1885


Sir Harry Parkes is a hate figure in China today and feelings are a little mixed about him in Japan, but nobody can deny the central role he played in the relations between east Asia and the West from the 1850s until the 1880s.

11/11/2020ARCHIVED Security and Geopolitical Consequences of the US Election, with Nobukatsu Kanehara and John Scarlett


For our 11 November webinar, Japan Society Chairman Bill Emmott is joined by two security experts, Nobukatsu Kanehara and Sir John Scarlett to take stock of geopolitics and security as an eventful 2020 draws to a close.

09/11/2020ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Tale of Heike


The Tale of the Heike is Japan’s great martial epic: a masterpiece of world literature and the progenitor of all samurai stories, first assembled from scattered oral poems in the early fourteenth century.