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Wednesday 16 November 2022

New Resources for Maths and Geography!

Our latest resources for teachers are two new lessons linked to Maths and Geography.

Our new mathematics resource, Origami and Mathematics, our new video A Trip to the Japanese Countryside, and its accompanying geography lesson, Comparing Localities - Rural and Urban Japan are now available to download. Read on for more information or visit the resource pages to download the materials!

Origami and Mathematics

Origami is a great way to engage children in maths - it is not only a creative artform, but also a source of practical mathematics and can be used to study angles and lengths, fractions, geometry and more!  

Our new lesson is designed to encourage students to apply some mathematical concepts and problem solving to origami as they make three different models - all with a practical use! It’s suitable for both upper KS2 and lower KS3. 

Visit the Origami and Mathematics lesson page.


Comparing Localities - Rural and Urban Japan

Japan is often portrayed as a metropolis full of people, bright lights and noise. Whilst it’s true that Japanese cities are busy places, Japan has a quieter side too. Show your students what life might be like in a rural area in Japan with our recently released video A Trip to the Japanese Countryside.

There are also accompanying materials to expand this topic into a full lesson, which offer a selection of tasks to get students to compare different localities - both within Japan and other areas.

Visit the Rural and Urban Japan lesson page to find out more.