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Small Grants Overview

We are not currently accepting grant applications.
We hope to resume the programme in the future so please check back for updates.

The Japan Society Small Grants were made in support of small scale projects and events which increase awareness and understanding of Japan in the UK. The Japan Society particularly encouraged applications from those who are involved in organizing grassroots projects and from schools and educational establishments. We concentrated our support on activities where a relatively small injection of funds can make a real difference.

The Japan Society Small Grants differed from those offered by other Japan-related grant giving bodies in not having any fixed deadlines. Recognising that those organizing small scale, relatively low-budget projects, may be working to very tight deadlines, we aimed to give results within one month of applications being made. To help us to do so, we relied on applicants outlining their project clearly.

On behalf of The Japan Society’s Board of Trustees, the Small Grants Committee was responsible for assessing the project’s viability and expects applicants to demonstrate how the objectives will be achieved.

From its inception in 2003 to December 2020, the Small Grants Scheme* made grants totalling £418,432 in support of 695 Japan-related projects taking place throughout the UK.

*2003 – 2008 known as Japan 21 Small Grants

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