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Dorozome of Amami Oshima: Mud Dyeing Lecture and Workshop

Dorozome of Amami Oshima: Mud Dyeing Lecture and Workshop
Applicant: Charlotte Linton
Award: £500
Field: Education, Arts
Support for: workshop and lecture venue fee


Kanai Kougei is a company based on Amami Oshima, Japan who specialise in dorozome or mud dyeing, a 1300-year old technique from the area that gives a unique black colour to textiles. It is traditionally used to dye the yarn of a kimono cloth called oshima tsumugi.

Three members of the Kanai Kougei workshop were invited by Charlotte Linton to visit the UK to take part in a series of lectures and workshops, including an academic event at Wolfson College Oxford, a public event at the Horniman Museum, London, and another for MA Textile students at the Royal College Of Art, London.

The programme of events gave attendees a unique opportunity to meet and learn from the craftspeople of Kanai Kougei who were visiting the UK for the very first time, offering them a greater understanding of the breadth and potential of traditional Japanese craft techniques. It also gave attendees insight into the island of Amami, many of which say they are now keen to visit.

For more information on Kanai Kougei, visit their website.

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