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An Exploration of Noh Theatre

An Exploration of Noh Theatre
Applicant: Clod Ensemble
Award: £650
Field: Theatre, Arts
Support for: workshop


Clod Ensemble is an award-winning London based performance company who have been making work for over two decades. Following a research trip to Japan where they were immersed in the rich tradition of Noh theatre, Clod Ensemble planned events and online materials to share their learning with artists and the general public.

The Japan Society supported Clod Ensemble to hold a free-to-attend workshop providing a practical introduction to Noh Theatre. The workshop began with a brief historical overview of the performance tradition and introduced some of the key concepts that appear not just in Noh, but across Japanese society more broadly. Following this, participants looked at elements of Noh including movement, the use of fans and masks, vocal chanting and music.

Participants from a range of artistic disciplines (e.g. dancers, choreographers, directors, teachers, writers, poets and musicians) commented that the workshop had inspired them to further explore Noh practices and to add elements to their future work.

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