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Between The Stones – Getting to Noh from Page to Stage

Between The Stones – Getting to Noh from Page to Stage
Applicant: Between the Stones
Award: £1000
Field: Education, Theatre, Art
Support for: outreach and educational activities


The Between the Stones Project comprised the development of a new English language noh drama, Between the Stones, by Jannette Cheong (author) and Richard Emmert (composer), plus a programme of education and outreach activities with the aim to provide an up-close understanding of noh ‘from page to stage’.

Through illustrated talks, educational workshops for students in both primary school and university and the development of students writing, performance and other artistic abilities in relation to Japanese art forms (noh, karesansui gardens and furin wind chimes), the Between the Stones Project was able to meet with its aims of helping others to understand the wonderful art of noh.

The activities serve to highlight noh as a living art form having been preserved and continuously performed for the past 650 years, while building new relationships, and sharing ideas and learning both inside and outside the world of noh.

For more information on this project, visit the Between the Stones website.

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