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Intercultural Summer School

Intercultural Summer School
Applicant: Tribe of Doris
Award: £700
Field: Culture


An intercultural intergenerational summer school which takes place over 5 days with the aim of reflecting as many cultural backgrounds as possible, using the art forms of drum, dance, song and ceremony. The event is totally participatory, with an open access inclusive education format and leads to a performance at the end from the participants.

The inclusion of Taiko drumming at the event allowed the organisers to represent Japanese culture and making this powerful form of drumming accessible to people who may never seen or head Taiko drums.

Participants, both young and old and from all over the country, were invited to attend a talk to learn about the role of Taiko drumming in Japanese culture. This was followed by Taiko drumming workshops. Finally, participants went on to perform what they had learnt infront of an audience from the surrounding villages.

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