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Half Japanese

Half Japanese
ApplicantPeople in Harmony
Award: £750
Field: Arts, Culture


An exhibition showcasing a series of photographs of half Japanese individuals, alongside a short film by the artist and photographer Natalie Maya Willer in collaboration with writer and researcher Marcia Yumi Lise who carried out the interviews. The accompanying short film 'Taeko & Hermann' is a personal account of Natalie's parents' marriage and deals with issues arising in intercultural relationships.

Alongside the exhibition were a series of events and workshops, including talks and discussion groups and participatory family workshops specifically designed for half Japanese children and their parents.

The purpose of this project was to give a rich account of the lives of these half Japanese individuals, providing an insight into how they construct their identities and sense of belonging whilst being in between different cultures. 

For more information, visit the People in Harmony website.


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