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My Idol - Hibari Misora

I have chosen these because, although I loved exploring the cities and seeing the sights, it was important to me to visit sites related to Hibari Misora. Ever since discovering her music, my life has changed dramatically, and I felt I owed her a debt of gratitude.  

I tour the world (having given a performance in Japan in October, so I can officially call myself “International”) singing Showa Kayoukyoku – most of which I have learned through watching videos of Hibari Misora on stage and in films. 

I was able to visit her memorial house in Meguro City, Tokyo where I spent time in her home and learning about her family. I visited the TOEI Film Museum in Kyoto where there is a modest exhibition about her.  Through the kindness of my friend Setsuko san I was able to visit Cape Shioya where there is a monument to Hibari which plays the song “Midare Gami” (Which is in my performance repertoire). I was also able to visit Hibari san’s grave site thanks to another friend, Raran san who showed us the way and guided us to the monument. There I was able to place flowers and burn incense so that, in my own small way, I was able to say “Thank you”

Hibari Memorial House


Cape Shioya


Hibari grave site



TOEI Museum


Toei Museum Hibari Handprint