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We want to hear what sparked your connection to Japan! The Japan Society MembersCorner is a space for members to share their favourite memories of Japan and their involvement with the country’s cultural traditions, cuisine and people. 

By collecting together members' memories and favourite moments, we will document and strengthen our unique community of passionate individuals, companies and organisations. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both our individual and corporate members/donors for their continuous support and look forward to receiving your contributions! 

How to Contribute

  • Every two/three months we will present a theme around which we invite contributions from current Japan Society members. All contributions on the theme are welcome, it can be a short essay (English or Japanese), or simply brief recollections accompanied by photos or videos.  

  • Members can submit their contributions to (please indicate the theme in the email subject). Deadline for submissions will be the last day of the final month for that theme, but please contact us if you are a new member and/or you want to submit to past themes. 

  • Members' contributions might be edited by The Japan Society and will be published in our website and social media with the name or alias of the author. By sending their contributions, members agree to its publication on our website and social media.  

  • Members' contributions must be original and belong to their authors as copyright holders. The Japan Society will not accept any responsibility for the content published.  

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  • Members' Corner is open to contributions by current Japan Society members only, including staff from our corporate member companies. Please note that subscribing to our mailing list is not the same as being a member of the Japan Society. To find out about the benefits of The Japan Society membership and how to become a member please click here.

Upcoming Themes

Our theme in March and April is… Japanese Seasons
Submission deadline: Sunday 30 April 2023

With its great diversity from north to south, Japan is, arguably, exceptional in its beauty and appeal at all times of the year. Whether it be the vast, unspoiled snowy landscapes of Hokkaido in the winter, or the sub-tropical pleasures of Okinawa, Japan always has breath-taking sceneries on offer, no matter the time of year. What is your favourite season in Japan and where do you choose to spend it? Perhaps you have a favourite activity, such as skiing or scuba-diving. How do the seasons in Japan compare to those in the UK? All submissions on the theme are welcome!

Members who are interested in contributing should submit these to with the subject header ‘Members' Corner – Japanese Seasons’.

The Richness of Autumn

Japanese Seasons (Mar-Apr)

The Richness of Autumn

Charles Pridgeon recalls the beauty of Autumn in Japan.

Viv's Four Seasons

Japanese Seasons (Mar-Apr)

Viv's Four Seasons

Graham Street tells a story about a couple discussing seasons.