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Thursday 26 May 2022

Primary School Soroban Workshops - Photos

Primary School Soroban Workshops - Photos

On Monday 23 May, the Japan Society visited Stanley Primary School in Teddington for a special day of soroban workshops and filming with soroban teacher Tomoko Hoult. 

Classes from both Year 3 and 4 were introduced to the soroban for the very first time and filmed for a short educational film about soroban. After listening to Tomoko explain the key points, the students were ready to have a go on the soroban themselves and picked up the basics in no time! They learnt how to read and make numbers, making sure they placed the ones, tens and hundreds correctly, and how to perform simple calculations. 

We also popped in to see the school’s lunch time soroban club and interviewed students from all the sessions about their experience using the soroban. All the students gave terrific answers and we were pleased to hear they enjoyed using the soroban. 

We’d like to thank the school and their wonderful students for taking part! Take a look at the gallery below for a selection of photographs from the workshop; the film will be released later in the year.