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Monday 13 May 2024

Soroban Workshop at University of Reading

Last month, The Japan Society visited the University of Reading with Tomoko Hoult to deliver two soroban workshops.

The workshops were a special session for first-year students training to be primary school teachers and demonstrated how soroban could help teaching a number of maths topics at KS2.

In each session, students were taught how to use the soroban to read numbers and for basic calculations and enjoyed themselves in the process. At the end of the workshops, over 90% of students thought the soroban was a useful teaching tool for place value, number bonds, the decimal system, decimal numbers and to show regrouping.

We hope the workshop participants will introduce soroban to the classes in future using our Soroban Loan Scheme and Soroban Resources! Many thanks to the University of Reading for welcoming us and Tomoko Hoult for leading the session.

To request more information about The Japan Society’s soroban activites, contact our Education Team.