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Thursday 23 May 2024

Schools Invited to Join Inaugural UK Ekiden!

Ekiden is a long-distance multi-stage relay race in Japan. Since the first Ekiden was held in 1917
its popularity has become widespread and each year schools, universities, and companies in Japan hold their own ekiden races to promote collaboration and teamwork. 

Inspired by this running tradition in Japan, and particularly the 100-year anniversary of Japan’s most famous ekiden, the Hakone Ekiden, the UK now has its very own race! The inagural UK Ekiden will take place on Monday 24 June 2024.  

Take Part! 

UK Ekiden is looking for schools in the UK to be a part of the special race by holding their own mini-ekiden on the same day.  

  • Taking part in the UK Ekiden will be a fun way for schools to learn more about Japan through this special sporting tradition.   
  • Ekiden races can be easily adapted to suit your school and surroundings 
  • Race day is around the same time the Emperor and Empress of Japan are expected to arrive in the UK on invitation from King Charles – there is likely to be media attention on the visit and this is a way to celebrate their arrival!  

UK Ekiden website: 
Contact UK Ekiden for more info:   


Learn more about Ekiden 

The Japan Society has released an Ekiden Activity Pack for students to learn more about the race and try some run related activities. Visit our Ekiden page to learn more about the racethe race and for some fun activities. 

Download Ekiden Activity Pack