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Radio Taiso Exercise Video

Subject: Physical Education / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3 / GCSE+
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years / 11-15 years / 15+ years
Resource Type: Videos / Other

Radio Taiso is an exercise routine that has been practised for nearly 100 years in Japan. Old and young, physically fit and those with mobility issues can all experience the benefits of Radio Taiso.

We have produced a Radio Taiso video with help from the Radio-Taiso Federation. Simply watch our video and follow along to stay strong and well! There is no specialist equipment required, but make sure you have enough room to avoid hitting other people or objects and stop if it feels too much at any point.  

There is also an interview video with Radio Taiso Instructor Risa Ono who explains about the fundamentals of Radio Taiso, its benefits and why it’s so much fun to do. 

Radio Taiso is even better performed with others; you can do it with a friend, try it socially distanced outside, or even on a group video call. Download our illustrated Radio Taiso Movements Card to practice without the video anytime, anywhere! 

Radio Taiso  (Exercise Video)

Watch Risa perform the routine and follow along. It's simple and only takes three minutes. 

Radio Taiso  (Interview Video)

Radio Taiso Instructor Risa Ono talks about the benefits of the exercise routine. 

Additional Resources

Did you know that Radio Taiso is always used as a group warm up to Sports Day in Japan? Our Japanese Sports Day Pack allows you to recreate a Japanese-style sports day at home or at school - of course with Radio Taiso to start the day! 

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