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Undokai - Japanese Sports Day: Lesson 5

Subject: Physical Education / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years / 11-15 years
Resource Type: Activities / Lesson Plans / Other


Lesson 5: Evaluating Self-Performance

Students are introduced to two Japanese characters which make up the word kaizen, meaning ‘to improve’ in Japanese. Students will then complete elements of an obstacle course and reflect on their own performance and identify areas where they can make small tangible improvements. 

Learning Objectives

  • To understand how reflecting on our own performance can lead to improvement and a sense of achievement

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that self-reflection leads to taking positive action
  • Describe how you have reflected using kaizen in order to improve within the sports/activity context
  • Demonstrate self-reflection by competing with an improvement in a chosen area.


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