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Issue 9 (June 2007, Volume 2, Number 3)

Issue 9 (June 2007, Volume 2, Number 3)

June was an exciting month for us with the publication of two much anticipated Japan Society supported books, "Japanese Envoys in Britain, 1862-1964: A Century of Diplomatic Exchange" and "Britain and Japan: Biographical Portraits, Volume VI." Both were launched at an enjoyable joint event held on Tuesday 19th June at the Daiwa Foundation's Japan House in London. In this issue we are reviewing the Envoys book and our next issue will feature Biographical Portraits (for a preview see back-page).

The main theme of this issue is new publications on recent Japanese history. You will find some stimulating reviews on this topic and a few others on more contemporary subjects. With the Upper House elections scheduled for the end of July, our next issue will focus on Japanese politics.

Have a good summer!



Sean Curtin
Managing Editor
Clare Barclay

Sean Curtin, Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Ben-Ami Shillony and Christopher Williams