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Issue 10 (August 2007, Volume 2, Number 4)

Issue 10 (August 2007, Volume 2, Number 4)

Mirroring the recent seismic shifts in the Japanese political world, there have also been some equally significant changes for Japan Book Review.

This issue marks an important milestone in the development of the Reviews project as we launch our new regular reviews of Japanese language books, publish our first fictional book reviews and introduce our new readers' comments section. While we have published reviews of Japanese language books in the past, we have now greatly expanded this project in collaboration with the Global Communications Platform in Tokyo and with assistance from the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) Japan-U.S. Discussion Forum in Washington.

Our on-line version is designed to provide a new resource for reviews of Japanese language books and we hope it will develop into an important educational resource. Due to demand from our readership we are also beginning reviews of fictional books as well as publishing readers' comments about books we review.

I hope these developments will enhance your enjoyment of this publication. Finally, remember that our website has a great many more reviews that we are unable to print.