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24/04/2021Japanese Disaster Narratives: Conservatism and Revisionism - with Christopher Hood


Japan has a long history of disaster movies. This lecture will explain some of the key similarities and differences between English-language (primarily Hollywood) disaster narratives and Japanese ones. It is based on an extensive study of disaster movies that includes defining both what a ‘disaster’ and ‘disaster narratives’ are.

17/05/2021The Japanese Maps Collection of the University of Manchester Library: Digitalising a Mapped Society


This lecture will illustrate the contents of the Japanese Maps Collection of the University of Manchester Library: the digitisation process, the creation of the metadata, and how the digitised materials are being used by the library to foster research and public engagement.

19/07/2021How British experience in Japan influenced Parkes’ approach to extraterritoriality in Korea


In this lecture Chris Roberts will discuss his latest researches into British extraterritoriality in Japan and how Britain’s experiences in Japan went on to guide its approach to the subject in Korea. Sir Harry Parkes used his practical experience of the operation of extraterritoriality in both Japan and China to guide his negotiations with Korea on the subject—almost with a view to setting out his definitive view of the ideal system.