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Pernille Rudlin

Pernille Rudlin was partly brought up in Japan and spent one year as a student at Hiroshima University. After graduating in Modern History & Economics from Oxford University, she was one of the first graduate trainees at the American PR firm Burson Marsteller.

She then worked for Mitsubishi Corporation for 9 years in sales in London and Tokyo, and also in HR and corporate planning. After taking an MBA at INSEAD, she worked for a British IT company, running a team of artificial intelligence programmers and was also Director of External Relations for the global marketing unit at Fujitsu.

She has been running her own business for the past 15 years, primarily representing the American firm Japan Intercultural Consulting, which provides training and consulting to hundreds of Japanese firms and their partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Her interest in bridging cultures through communication, business and education has led to her becoming a trustee of New Routes Integration, which helps refugees and asylum seekers integrate into British society, a non-executive director of of Japan H.L. Limited, which operates Japan House London, and an Associate of the Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of East Anglia.

She is a columnist for various Japanese publications and the author of several books and articles on cross cultural communications and business.