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Upcoming Events

04/08/2020The Spirit of Animism and Story Making in Manga: 2-Session Workshop with Fumio Obata


In this workshop, Manga artist Fumio Obata will introduce examples of anthropomorphism in visual culture and manga in Japan, and discuss how plants in particular can successfully be given human characteristics. Workshop participants will learn how to create their own characters and devise a short manga story.

13/08/2020Japan Literatures of Remembering. A Panel Discussion on Fiction, Poetry and Anime


The discussion will reflect on the transformations of Japanese identity in literature, exploring themes of time, memory and diversity. We are fortunate to be joined by Mimi Hachikai in Japan who will be reading her poetry alongside her translator Kyoko Yoshida.

08/09/2020Online Talk - Katagami Stencils: Historical Influence and Contemporary Practice


The Japan Society is pleased to announce a special online talk on Katagami with researcher Mamiko Markham, Head of Collections at the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA) Zoë Hendon, and practitioner Sarah Desmerais.