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Tuesday 4 May 2021

Let's celebrate Children's Day!

Let's celebrate Children's Day!


5 May is Kodomo no Hi or Children's Day in Japan, the day when people celebrate the health and happiness of children. On this day, you may find children running around wearing origami kabuto helmets and lots of koi carp flags flying all over the country.

Watch our Children's Day video here to learn more about the celebration, the legend of the koi fish and how it became a symbol for Kodomo no Hi, and why children make and wear origami version of the kabuto helmets worn by samurai warriors on the day.

Teaching Resources

Take a look at our online resources to find out more how Children's Day is celebrated in Japan including the food, decorations and customs associated with the day. Our new activity pack comes with a kanji writing exercise, koi carp design template, as well as origami instructions for koi carps and a kabuto helmet! 

Download the activity pack here, and why not share your koi nobori designs with us on Twitter.

Craft Activity Videos

Watch our '5 Minute Craft Activity' videos to learn how to make an origami kabuto helmet and koi nobori. Don't forget to share your kabuto helmets and koi nobori designs with us in social media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram !