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Monday 7 June 2021

Teach about the Rainy Season in Japan!

Teach about the Rainy Season in Japan!

Use our teaching resources and new activity pack to introduce the rainy season to students. 

Japan has four seasons just as we do in the UK, but also has a rainy season which is experienced across most of the country in June and July. In Japanese, the rainy season is called Tsuyu, literally meaning ‘plum rains’, as it occurs when plums are ripening and in season. 

Teaching about tsuyu not only introduces students to an aspect of Japanese life and culture, but can be linked to lessons about climate, the weather, and nature too.

Teaching Resources

Take a look at our online resources to find out more about the rainy season and sights, songs, and customs associated with this time of year. Also check out our new activity pack which can be used at home or in the classroom; it comes with information about tsuyu, a kanji writing exercise, colouring page and instructions to make an origami frog! 

Those looking for a simple craft activity can try making teru teru bozu dolls, often seen hung up in windows during the rainy season in Japan. Making teru teru bozu is an ideal activity for a rainy day, especially because they are thought to work as a charm to stop the rain and bring sunshine. Why not try following the video or using the instructions in the activity pack? Let us know if it works for your class!

Download the activity pack here, and why not share your teru teru bozu with us on Twitter!