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Thursday 6 August 2020

Radio Taiso Video is a Hit: Join in the Fun!

Radio Taiso Video is a Hit: Join in the Fun!

Thanks to everyone’s support and love of the Radio Taiso exercise, our video has now reached over 20,000 views on Youtube since its release before the lockdown! 

To celebrate this small milestone, we have released a new video on the fundamentals of Radio Taiso and its benefits. Watch the interview with Radio Taiso Instructor Risa Ono who explains about Radio Taiso and why it’s so much fun to do. It’s a great, simple, and accessible 3-minute exercise to keep us fit and moving this summer!

If you haven’t already tried it, watch the Radio Taiso videos and give it a go tomorrow before your morning routine.

If you're already a fan, keep up with the exercise and help us get to 25,000 views! 

Introducing Radio Taiso (Interview Video)

Radio Taiso Instructor Risa Ono talks about the benefits of the exercise routine. 

Radio Taiso  (Exercise Video)

Watch Risa perform the routine and follow along. It's simple and only takes three minutes. 

Did you know?

Radio Taiso is always used as a group warm up to Sports Day in Japan. The At Home Edition of our Japanese Sports Day Pack allows you to recreate a Japanese-style sports day at home - of course with Radio Taiso to start the day! Another great way to stay active and fit while still having fun!

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