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Kamishibai Videos

Subject: English / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years
Resource Type: Videos

Kamishibai originates from traditional Japanese street theatre in the form of picture card storytelling. Unlike children’s storybooks, the text for Kamishibai is written on the reverse of cards so that the story can be easily read while pictures are shown to the students.

These videos accompany the Kamishibai Scheme of Work in which students are introduced to traditional Japanese folktales and hone their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the process.

The videos can also be used with our additional resources to make kamishibai at home.

Digital Kamishibai is available to download here, and we also have some physical Kamishibai available to loan, please see here for more information. 

Adventures with Kamishibai

This video gives an introduction to kamishibai storytelling, explaining how kamishibai can be linked with Art, Music, English and Drama lessons as well as increasing students’ cultural awareness.

Experience Kamishibai with Fergus & Mio

Watch the popular folktale Momotaro being performed by Mio Shudo and Fergus McNichol.

How to Make a Story Plate

A story plate shows drawings of the most important elements of a story all in one place, helping students to identify the structure of a story. Fergus demonstrates by making a story plate of Momotaro.

How to Draw a Mind Map

Using a mind map is a great tool to plan out a story, allowing students to summarise and present key information easily. Fergus demonstrates by making a mind map of the Momotaro story.

How to Draw a Story Map

A story map takes all the elements of the story identified in the story plate and mind map and lays out the key events in order. Fergus demonstrates by making a story map of Momotaro.

Draw a Manga - Momotaro

Mio demonstrates how to draw Momotaro in Japanese Manga style.

Draw a Manga - Moon Princess

Mio demonstrates how to draw the Moon Princess (Princess Kaguya from the Kaguya Hime kamishibai story) in Japanese Manga style.

How to Draw a Manga Animals

Mio demonstrates how to draw a monkey and a bird in Japanese Manga style.

How to Read Kamishibai

Reading kamishibai is different from reading a story book. Watch this short video to learn how to read kamishibai properly.

Additional Resources - Make your own Kamishibai