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Digital Kamishibai

Subject: English / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years
Resource Type: Activities / Presentations / Other
Digital Kamishibai

Kamishibai originates from traditional Japanese street theatre in the form of picture card storytelling. Our digital kamishibai make Japanese stories easily accessible to all. Using these resources you can either:

• Print out and make your own kamishibai cards
• Tell the stories using the presentations

These kamishibai are also available to loan. See here for more information.

Momotaro – Peach Boy

The story of a boy found in a peach, who goes on an adventure to defeat the monsters terrorising his village.

Suitable for both KS1 and KS2.

Kaguya Hime - The Moon Princess (aka The Bamboo Cutter's Tale)

A legend from ancient Japan about a baby girl found in a bamboo stalk who grows up to become a beautiful young woman.

Most suitable for Y4 upwards.

Hanasaka Jiisan -The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom

An old couple come into good fortune when they find a puppy, but their mean-spirited neighbours are unbearably jealous. A classic tale of good being rewarded and wickedness receiving its just desserts.

Most suitable for KS2

Tsuru no Ongaeshi – The Grateful Crane

A story from Japanese folklore about a crane who repays the kindness of a man who saved it.

Suitable for Reception to Year 4.