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Kamishibai: Momotaro – Peach Boy

Subject: English / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years
Resource Type: Activities / Presentations / Videos / Other

Momotaro is the story of a boy found in a peach. He goes on an adventure to defeat the monsters terrorising his village, making friends along the way. Momotaro is a well-known hero in Japan and there is even a song to accompany the story. 

Suitable for Reception to Year 4. This kamishibai also includes Japanese onomatopoeia which can be taught to students to make the story interactive.


The PowerPoint presentations (PPT)
, with some animated effects and music, is created to look like a live kamishibai show. The story text is in the notes section of each slide and is designed to be shown as a slide show in 'presenter view', where the text is visible on the presenter's screen only while the audience views the main illustrated slide. Please note the PPT file is password protected but can be opened and played in 'read only' format.

Momotaro - PPSX
PowerPoint Show: opens automatically and only in PowerPoint presentation view. You will need PowerPoint on your device in order to open and view properly.

Momotaro - PPT (4.2 MB)
PowerPoint Document: Use this file if your computer does not support pps or ppsx format.

is designed to be used as printed kamishibai cards (up to A3 size), however, it can still be shown on screen as a slide show using only the story image slides for those who are not using PowerPoint. The file comes with instructions on how to read kamishibai. If you only have one screen (cannot use the 'presenter view'), or simply prefer to read from a piece of paper, but still want to show the kamishibai in PowerPoint, the story text can be printed from the PDF version. 

Momotaro - PDF (18.3 MB)

For those who want to listen to it being sung and told by professional storyteller, you can enjoy a recorded kamishibai performance of Momotaro from our YouTube channel (below).


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