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Past Events

The Japan Society runs more than 80 events per year providing opportunities for members and others interested in Japan to meet, learn and exchange ideas and experiences. Our archive of Past Events below shows events we have offered in previous months starting from 2020.

A list of events from previous years can be downloaded in pdf:
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20/10/2021ARCHIVED Delivering on Climate Targets in Japan and the UK, with Kimiko Hirata and Chris Huhne


With the Glasgow Climate Change Conference starting on 31 October, Japan Society chairman Bill Emmott is joined by activist Kimiko Hirata and energy and climate consultant Christopher Huhne to examine the ambitions and actions of the Japanese and UK governments.

18/10/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE LECTURE - Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan: Materials, Makers, Mastery with Christine Guth


In this lecture Christine Guth will discuss Japanese crafts during the Momoyama and Tokugawa periods drawing critical attention to the dynamic, multidirectional network of forces that undergird Japan’s extraordinarily rich, diverse and aesthetically sophisticated artifactual culture.

16/10/2021ARCHIVED Collar Cup Golf Match 2021


The annual golf match between the Japan Society and the JCCI is being held this year on Saturday 16 October at the Hendon Golf Club. Twelve players from each organisation will compete for the Collar Cup, which was won in 2019 by the Japan Society.

11/10/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Essays in Idleness and Hojoki by Kenko and Chomei


Written by Buddhist monks from medieval Japan, these two works on life's fleeting pleasures each show a different world-view.

09/10/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Making Senbei Since 1909: The Story of Domoto Seika


The Japan Society is pleased to welcome Masaya Domoto, vice president of Domoto Seika, a 112-year-old senbei (rice cracker) company based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. In this special online event, Masaya will introduce his fifth-generation family business, while attendees will have the opportunity to sample Domoto Seika’s rice crackers, as well as the chance to try freshly baked senbei at home.

06/10/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Battle Royale directed by Kinji Fukasaku


Join us on 6 October for our Film Club dedicated to explore the influential and bloody film Battle Royale, directed by Kinji Fukasaku in 2000.

05/10/2021ARCHIVED Japanese Conversation Group


The Japanese Conversation Group provides a friendly and informal atmosphere for Japanese speakers of all nationalities to come together and speak Japanese. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

30/09/2021ARCHIVED WEBINAR - And Now What? The Countdown to Japan’s General Election


The day after the new LDP leader is elected, the Japan Society is pleased to be partnering with the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan for an online session to explore what the outcome of this election could mean for Japan going forward.

29/09/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking ClubARCHIVED オンライン版 バイリンガル・パブリックスピーキングクラブ


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.


29/09/2021ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - The Japan Society Annual General Meeting 2021ARCHIVED オンラインイベント ジャパンソサエティ年次総会 2021


The Board values the opportunity to engage with members at the AGM, which is a key event for the Society and its members. Please note, however, that arrangements for this year's AGM differ from the usual in-person format. This year's AGM will be a virtual meeting only, held on Zoom.