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Past Events

The Japan Society runs more than 80 events per year providing opportunities for members and others interested in Japan to meet, learn and exchange ideas and experiences. Our archive of Past Events below shows events we have offered in previous months starting from 2020.

A list of events from previous years can be downloaded in pdf:
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23/11/2023ARCHIVED ONLINE LECTURE - Japanese Photography since 1945, with Dr Lena Fritsch


Based on her book Ravens & Red Lipstick: Japanese Photography since 1945, Dr Lena Fritsch surveys modern Japanese photography, looking at the work of Moriyama, Sugimoto, and other major figures.

23/11/2023ARCHIVED Talk and Exhibition Tour - Entering the Halls of the Chiyoda Palace


With access to antique books as well as original Ukiyoe prints on the theme of Chiyoda Palace Inner Quarters, a small group of Japan Society members are guided by curators, David Wertheim and Wojtek Doria, to the exhibition that is articulated around a set of magnificent triptychs by Chikanobu Toyohara (1838-1912) depicting life in the ancient women's quarters of the shogunal castle.

20/11/2023ARCHIVED Paragons in Print: Exemplary Women in Edo Japan


While prints of the Edo period (c. 1615–1868) are known for their depictions of floating world beauties, this does not capture the full diversity of women depicted in Japan’s graphic arts. Prompted by a puzzling set of luxury prints by artist Yashima Gakutei (1786–1868), this talk takes up the subject of retsujo, exemplary women.

18/11/2023ARCHIVED Woodblock Printing Workshop with Hiroko Imada


The Japan Society is pleased to present Japanese woodblock printing workshop led by a London-based artist Hiroko Imada

15/11/2023ARCHIVED Fireside Chat with Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi: Japan in the World Today and Tomorrow


On Wednesday 15 November we are delighted to welcome Tomohiko Taniguchi, former Special Advisor to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to discuss the position and future of Japan in the world with The Japan Society Chair, Bill Emmott.

13/11/2023ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Life for Sale by Yukio Mishima


Life for Sale opens with the protagonist, Hanio Yamada, putting his life up for sale in a Tokyo newspaper with a bleak, irresolute attitude after having failed to go through with suicide. Through doing so, he exposes himself to the corrupt, hidden underbelly of Tokyo.

07/11/2023ARCHIVED Japanese Conversation Group


The Japanese Conversation Group provides a friendly and informal atmosphere for Japanese speakers of all nationalities to come together and speak Japanese. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

07/11/2023ARCHIVED Sixth Form Japan Day 2023


The Japan Society, in association with Ritsumeikan (UK) and SOAS, University of London, is pleased to once again welcome sixth form students back to the annual Sixth Form Japan Day event. This event offers students the chance to experience hands on workshops with experts and listen to live speakers.

01/11/2023ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Perfect Blue directed by Satoshi Kon


For our Film Club in November we invite you to watch and engage in a discussion about the intrincate anime film Perfect Blue directed by Satoshi Kon.

30/10/2023ARCHIVED Education in Japan: Still on Top of the World?


In the 1980s and 1990s, Japanese education attracted global attention for its excellence. In recent decades, however, Japan’s economic woes seem to have cooled international enthusiasm for learning from the country. Is Japanese education still a beacon of excellence?