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Access to Experts

Access to Experts is designed as a tool to help those organising Japan-related events. Experts are professionals who charge a fee to lead workshops and can tailor their workshop or presentation to different audiences. They may be able to visit schools and deal with larger numbers of students per day than JIYC volunteers and can be engaged to spend successive days at your school.

Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply recommendation by the Japan Society.

Martial Arts & Sports Experts


Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu

Type of activity: demonstration, lecture, performance and workshops
Available to travel: Kent
Age range: 14+
Number of participants: 10-50


Jason Hulott has practiced several traditional Japanese Sword Arts with Teachers from a round the world, and continues to travel to enhance knowledge. He can provide hands on workshops for those interested in finding out more about Japanese swords and their use. He is fully insured to carry out demonstrations and teach both Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. He also runs a traditional Japanese martial arts dojo (training place) in Broadstairs, Thanet.

JAY, Michael

Classical Martial Arts

Type of activity: demonstration and lecture
Available to travel: Anywhere
Age range: 11+
Number of participants: Any

tel: 020 8979 4179

Michael Jay, a British Airways long-haul pilot now retired from flying the Boeing 747-400 from London’s Heathrow Airport, has combined his flying career with a lifelong study of Japan and, in particular, its martial culture. His work and fascination since childhood with the martial arts of both England and Japan has taken him to Japan nearly four hundred times to study, work, train and teach.

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Traditional Karate, Wado Ryu Karate Do Ju-Jutsu Kempo

Type of activity: coaching, lecture, performance and workshops
Available to travel: Home Counties and London
Age range: 10+
Number of participants: 10-50

tel: 07876 577675

Corin Pegden started his martial arts training in 1985 and now has over 33 year’s experience, training with some of the world’s foremost karate experts. He is a long-time student of legendary M. Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi, a karate pioneer who in 1965 moved to England and helped popularise karate throughout the UK and Europe. Shiomitsu Sensei is respected worldwide for his technical expertise and pioneering teaching methods.

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