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Wednesday 25 January 2023

New kamishibai stories for loan!

The Japan Society’s collection of kamishibai, including both traditional folk tales and stories related to Japanese festivals, has expanded to include four new original titles! 

The stories are perfect for teaching children about seasonal celebrations in Japan and also deal with other themes such as friendship, new beginnings, and diversity. In Onikko, an ‘oni’ boy faces prejudice from some of his human classmates as the Setsubun festival approaches; a little girl’s dolls come to life in Momoko and Hina; Swim Swim Koinobori takes a look at the Children’s Day festival through the eyes of both a young boy and a koi carp flag; and a little girl prepares for the New Year to begin as she deals with the loss of her beloved pet hamster in Taa-chan’s Oshogatsu


All the stories are available now for schools to borrow; with many of the festivals coming up, why not treat students to a traditional kamishibai experience? In addition to the new original stories, our collection also features classic Japanese folklore such as Momotaro, Kaguya Hime, and Hanasaka Jiisan. Check out our Loan Kamishibai page to see all available stories. 

Make a loan request today!

For those who would like to show the stories on screen, digital versions are also available. Check out our Digital Kamishibai page for more details.