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Kamishibai: Lesson 9

Subject: Art & Design / English / Other Topics
Level: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2
Age: 5-7 years / 7-11 years
Resource Type: Lesson Plans

Perform Kamishibai 

Students will practice their public speaking skills by using the illustrated cards they produced in the previous lesson to perform their own kamishibai. They will also give constructive feedback to peers and improve their performance based on feedback they receive.

Note: Students will write text for the kamishibai cards in Lesson 10. The order of the lessons nine and ten can be swapped if you prefer students to read out the story.

Learning Objectives

  • Use clear communication skills, using Kamishibai stories, to participate in a performance which maintains the interest of the listener.
  • Evaluate your own and others’ performance.

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