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Past Events

The Japan Society runs more than 80 events per year providing opportunities for members and others interested in Japan to meet, learn and exchange ideas and experiences. Our archive of Past Events below shows events we have offered in previous months starting from 2020.

A list of events from previous years can be downloaded in pdf:
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20/04/2022ARCHIVED The Japan Society Careers Networking Series – Getting into Gaming


For the second in our exciting new series of careers events in collaboration with the Japan Club of London Business School, we invite guests to join us for an in-person panel discussion, followed by an audience Q&A and networking session/light refreshments.

11/04/2022ARCHIVED IN-PERSON EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: Earthlings by Sayaka Murata


Natsuki isn't like the other girls. Together with her cousin Yuu, she spends her summers in the wild Nagano mountains, hoping a spaceship will take her home.

07/04/2022ARCHIVED Easter Haiku Workshop for Children


Inspire children this Easter with a creative haiku workshop outdoors; come along to the Japan Society’s in-person session led by internationally acclaimed poet, Paul Conneally!

06/04/2022ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On directed by Hara Kazuo


Join us for our Film Club in April where we will discuss the audacious documentary 'The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On' directed by Kazuo Hara in 1987.

05/04/2022ARCHIVED Japanese Conversation Group


The Japanese Conversation Group provides a friendly and informal atmosphere for Japanese speakers of all nationalities to come together and speak Japanese. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

30/03/2022ARCHIVED Bilingual Public Speaking ClubARCHIVED バイリンガル・パブリックスピーキングクラブ


The club is open to anyone who would like to improve their skills at speaking in public in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities.


29/03/2022ARCHIVED Sixth Form Japan Taster


The Japan Society is pleased to welcome Sixth Form students back to an in-person Japan Taster event in March. This event offers students the chance to experience hands on workshops with experts and listen to live speakers in-person during a morning or afternoon session.

26/03/2022ARCHIVED ONLINE LECTURE - British Collecting of Tea Ceramics from Meiji Japan, with Ai Fukunaga


Museum collections of Japanese ceramics in Britain include numerous utensils for whipped tea (matcha) and steeped tea (sencha) gatherings along with diverse vessels for daily and special occasions collected from Meiji Japan. Who collected them and why, and how did these objects obtain value in Britain around the turn of the twentieth century?

14/03/2022ARCHIVED ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Sheltering Rain by Ryo Hanmura


A diverse cross-section of Japan passes through the bar Lui, and the bartender tends to them all, with all their hopes and their fears. Underneath the black suits and the cosmetics, they're all people on the way to somewhere else in Tokyo's glittering boom era.

09/03/2022ARCHIVED Lecture by Julia Longbottom CMG, British Ambassador to Japan


In this lecture, British Ambassador to Japan, Ms Julia Longbottom will share her views on the political, diplomatic and business situation in Japan at the end of her first year in post.